Invisible Help

As Coronavirus becomes more widespread, the New Zealand Government has asked people over 70 and those with compromised immunity systems or vulnerable health, to self-isolate. At Shining Peak Brewing, our team has started an initiative called Invisible Help – a free service to assist those in self-isolation in New Plymouth and do not have family members to help. If you are in self-isolation and you need groceries, over the counter medication, or meals picked up and delivered, we will do it free of charge.

How it works:

  • Call our team on 06 9273133 between 9am and 7pm or email the following information to
    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Delivery Address
    • What do you need? Please provide detail on brand and number of items
    • Where do we buy it?
    • When do you need it by? Time and Date.
    • Are you displaying symptoms of Coronavirus? (this will impact payment options)
    • Payment preference for goods (see options below)
  • We’ll send a team member out to buy what you need.
  • Once we pick up the order, we will call to let you know we’re on our way and arrange payment of goods.
  • For payment, you have the following options
    • Contactless – leave money in the letterbox in an envelope and we’ll leave you change
    • Contactless – transfer money to our bank account
    • Cheque – we’ll call you with the total once we have picked up the goods
  • We’ll leave your goods and the receipt at the door for you.


  • There are no fees except for the costs of the goods you need delivered.
  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, please let us know as we can only accept bank transfer as payment.
  • If you live outside of New Plymouth in the Taranaki region, and need something delivered, call us and we’ll see if we can help.

Staying Healthy and The Bubble

  • The drivers are based at their home as per Alert Level 4, to limit contact with others and receive delivery directions from our staff on phone duty
  • Staff doing pick ups and deliveries wear gloves which are replaced after their trip and they sanitise gloves regularly on each trip and hands between trips
  • Once staff deliver to someone who needs a delivery, if they require future deliveries, that staff member will deliver to them again in the future (they become part of their bubble)

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