Little Fake XPA 330mL

GST included.

Extra Pale Ale

🏆  AIBA Gold Medal 2021

ABV: 2.5%
Malts: NZ German Pilsner, NZ Wheat, NZ Rolled Oats, UK Caramalt
Hops: Amarillo, Mosaic, Nelson Sauvin

Little Fake is our David to the Goliaths of the Beer World. Coming in at 2.5% ABV, it’s a great beer to enjoy whilst trying to avoid a foggy head. We’ve used all the tricks in the book to make sure this beer has enough body to carry the light and fruity hop character in lieu of the lacking alcohol sweetness. By adding flaked wheat and rolled oats to the mash, along with a high mashing temperature and some canny water chemistry, this beer presents as sweet and balanced with the high level of hops. We’ve also used two of Jesse’s favourite hops here, Nelson Sauvin and Amarillo, along with the juiciest of Mosaic hops to give the beer a hint of pineapple character layered over orange and zingy gooseberry character. It’s fair to say this beer punches above it’s weight as it took out a Gold Medal at the recent Australia International Beer Awards in May.

Far away in England an art forger called James Edward Little specialised in forgeries of Maori and Pacific art, even though he’d never been near our neck of the woods. He fooled a lot of “experts” and consequently Puke Ariki has the biggest collection of Little Fakes in the world. This session IPA deceives by fronting big Amarillo and Mosaic without the alcohol kick.