Hire a keg (or two) of your favourite Shining Peak brew, the perfect bar solution for weddings and functions!

You can now quench the thirst of your fellow party-goers with fresh ice-cold Shining Peak Brewing beer, our portable bar and keg system is available to hire for weddings, parties, staff functions, or corporate occasions.

Keg Hire Prices

Little Fake XPA 2.5% $400
Fanny Fantham's Lager 5.0% $450
Octopus Clamp Dark Lager 5.0% $450
Greyhound Low Carb Pale Ale 5.0% $450
Bogworks Pilsner 5.2% $450
Magic Dart Pale Ale 5.3% $450
Petite Pegasus Session Hazy IPA 4.2% $500
Highwayman APA 5.7% $500
Skunk Juice Hazy IPA 6.2% $550

For more information, you can download the information pack here.


Enjoy your favourite Shining Peak Brew at your next event with our bar and tap hireage options to suit events both large and small. Hirage comes complete with gas, set-up instructions and tasty beer guarenteed.

All prices specified are inclusive of GST. We offer a number of tap hire options to suit your event. Unfortunately we can’t refund unused beer.