Hire a keg (or two) of your favourite Shining Peak brew, the perfect bar solution for weddings and functions!

You can now quench the thirst of your fellow party-goers with fresh ice-cold Shining Peak Brewing beer, our portable bar and keg system is available to hire for weddings, parties, staff functions, or corporate occasions.

Keg Hire Prices

Little Fake XPA 2.5% $400
Fanny Fantham's Lager 5.0% $450
Octopus Clamp Dark Lager 5.0% $450
Greyhound Low Carb Pale Ale 5.0% $450
Bogworks Pilsner 5.2% $450
Magic Dart Pale Ale 5.3% $450
Petite Pegasus Session Hazy IPA 4.2% $500
Highwayman APA 5.7% $500
Skunk Juice Hazy IPA 6.2% $550

For more information, you can download the information pack here.


Bar and tap hireage, gas, set-up and removal is $80 (within New Plymouth city limits) or FREE with 2 or more kegs. All prices specified are inclusive of GST. A bond of $200 will be required, with a full refund on return of equipment. Unfortunately we can’t refund unused beer.