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The 5% Project

At Shining Peak we’re strong believers that every business in this world should have a social mission at its core. Our mission is for our beer to make the world a better place.

Every month 5% of all our beer revenues will be donated to a different local Taranaki organisation. Not profits…… revenues, that’s approximately 30-50% of our profit – we give away to local organisations each and every month. No terms and conditions, no small print – we just put the money, straight into the back pockets of important local organisations and charities here in Taranaki. Drink Beer, Do Good

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This Months Charity

Alzheimers Taranaki

Alzheimers Taranaki aims to provide support, information and advocacy to people with dementia, their families and carers in the Taranaki community. They also work with the goal of raising public awareness about all forms of dementia and its effects on individuals, families and communities - to break down the social stigma attached to this disease. Unfortunately, with New Zealand's ageing population, the number of people diagnosed with dementia is expected to almost triple by 2050.

Alzheimers Taranaki are incredibly active within the community with many initiatives running to bring together clients and their carers to provide support, information and connection. These include, Day Programmes in New Plymouth and Hawera - providing cognitive stimulation, dancing, music, and socialising in a safe environment, Community Advisors and Alz Cafés - a supportive environment that fosters lasting friendships and a feeling of normality to clients and families, and Wandatrak Beacons - devices that are used to monitor people with dementia who may become lost.

Currently Alzheimers Taranaki are working toward a new premises in which they can facilitate all of these incredible services - a "one stop shop" for dementia services, support and information. They are very excited to be the recipients of the 5% Project for February and are looking forward to the raised funds going toward their new premises.

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Alzheimers Taranaki

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