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The 5% Project

At Shining Peak we’re strong believers that every business in this world should have a social mission at its core. Our mission is for our beer to make the world a better place.

Every month 5% of all our beer revenues will be donated to a different local Taranaki organisation. Not profits…… revenues, that’s approximately 30-50% of our profit – we give away to local organisations each and every month. No terms and conditions, no small print – we just put the money, straight into the back pockets of important local organisations and charities here in Taranaki. Drink Beer, Do Good

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Kidney Kids

Beer from Shining Peak is the best. But, the more you drink, the more you wee! For some people with Kidney disease, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Kidneys are powerful chemical factories that perform many functions including:
- Removing waste from our bodies.
- Balancing the fluid balance in the body.
- Regulating blood pressure.

Activating vitamin D to be used by the body (vitamin D promotes strong healthy bones and controls the production of red blood cells.

Unfortunately, not all kidneys are made the same and our goal is to help support kids and their families through their journey with kidney disease.

For many, having kidney disease is a lifelong journey with no chance of remission, but rather an endless cycle of life-saving dialysis and possibly kidney transplantation.

Any deterioration of any of the kidney’s functionality has a wide-ranging impact on both the physical and mental well-being of anyone, but especially children.

Kidney Kids is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that supports children and their whānau to navigate kidney disease and end stage renal failure. The goal of Kidney Kids is to ensure children who experience kidney disease have the best possible lives and are not disadvantaged as they progress through education and into employment as young adults, setting them up with the best possible tools to help them live with a chronic disease.

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Kidney Kids

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