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The 5% Project

At Shining Peak we’re strong believers that every business in this world should have a social mission at its core. Our mission is for our beer to make the world a better place.

Every month 5% of all our beer revenues will be donated to a different local Taranaki organisation. Not profits…… revenues, that’s approximately 30-50% of our profit – we give away to local organisations each and every month. No terms and conditions, no small print – we just put the money, straight into the back pockets of important local organisations and charities here in Taranaki. Drink Beer, Do Good

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This Months Charity

Little Fighters Trust

The Little Fighters Trust is a non-profit organisation in Taranaki who are passionate about supporting those in need in their community.

Focusing on offering support to families who have a child with a life-threatening illness, or to families where a parent has an illness that affects the child or children, Little Fighters Trust provides assistance where needed to each family, whether it be financial or non-monetary support.

The Little Fighters Trust also aims to raise awareness, supply resources and provide connections to families who require assistance as a result of a life-threatening illness affecting the child or children.

The Trust started supporting families struggling to make ends meet in 2012 after the loss of the founder's son, Jackson, to Leukaemia in December 2011. Consisting of a hard-working team of volunteers, the Little Fighters Trust relies on donations and local businesses to provide the support and assistance to Taranaki families going through the motions of a life-threatening illness in the whānau.

Most Taranaki families who have a child with a life-threatening illness spend time at Starship Hospital in Auckland and will stay at the Ronald McDonald House and so the Little Fighters Trust thought that their support was warranted and so raised $80,000 to fund a new room at the Auckland house.

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Little Fighters Trust

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