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Small Plates

  • Home baked bread, smoked chive butter & balsamic caviar (V) — 15
    try w/ Petite Pegasus Session Hazy IPA

    Truffle oiled fries (v) — 13
    w/ aioli
    try w/ Fanny Fantham’s lager

    Ceviche of the day (gf) — 22
    w/ soy, orange, chilli & ginger salsa
    try w/ Greyhound Pale Ale

    'The Joastie' - Smoked Eel Toastie - 28
    w/ kawakawa aioli, smoked cheddar, McClure's Pickles, puha, McClure's Pickle Caviar
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    Mahurangi Oysters - half dozen (gf) — 39
    w/ soy caviar, lemon, shallot vinaigrette
    try w/ Octopus Clamp Dark Lager

    Garlic & Rosemary Baked Brie. (gfa) - 24
    w/ Octopus Clamp onion jam, pickles, toast
    try w/ Highwayman APA

    Charred Capsicum Mousse (gf) (v) - 22
    w/ balsamic, almond crackers
    try w/ Bogworks Pilsner

  • Tacos w/ housemade kimchi, chimichurri, capsicum salsa (x2)
    w/ Smoked Brisket - 22 or
    w/ Fried Eggplant (v) - 22
    try w/ Skunk Juice Hazy IPA

    Fried Chicken Bites (gf) — 23
    w/ Korean-style glaze, lime and coriander yoghurt
    try w/ Petite Pegasus Session Hazy

    Lamb ribs (gf) — 24
    w miso glaze & smoked yogurt
    try w/ Highwayman APA

    Shaved Ox Tongue (gfa) — 22
    w/ horseradish custard, pickled onions and fresh bread
    try w/ Skunk Juice Hazy IPA

    Cos Salad (gf) (v) — 18
    w/ tomato, basil, chilli & parmesan snow)
    try w/ Jack Underwood's Old Mild Ale

    Sticky Carrots (gf) (v) - 16
    w/ star anise carrot puree, chimichurri and toasted almonds
    try w/ Dicky Barrett's ESB

Large Plates

  • Fish of the Day (gf) — 38
    w/ quinoa, almond, Roebuck Farms salad, soy and sesame dressing
    try w/ Bogworks Pilsner

    Green Meadows Beef Burger — 31
    w/ smoked mustard, brie, pickles, fries
    try w/ Magic Dart Pale Ale

    Flat Iron Steak (gf) — 42
    w/ kumara & smoked brisket gratin, spiced carrots, spinach, red wine jus
    try w/ Taranaki Amber

  • Pan Roasted Salmon (gf) — 39
    w/ leek, peas, mussel & chive broth
    try w/ Fanny Fantham’s Lager

    Pork Belly (gf) - 39
    w/ braised lentils, smoked onion, kale, blue cheese bon bon 
    try w/ Octopus Clamp Dark Lager

    Housemade Fettuccine (v) — 32
    w/ garlic, chilli, parmesan
    try w/ Fanny Fantham's Lager

To Finish

  • Dark Chocolate Fondant (v) — 17
    w/ Vanilla ice cream, Free Radical infused Blackberries 

    Pistachio Parfait (gf) (v) - 17
    w/ poached pear

    Fresh House Made Beer Ice Cream (v) — 15
    Octopus Clamp & Snickers ice cream w/ Octopus Clamp donuts

  • Fresh House Made Beer Ice Cream (v) — 8
    Skunk Juice Hazy IPA & lemon ice block w/ honeycomb

    Fresh House Made Beer Ice Cream (v) — 8
    Jack Underwood's Mild Ale, Coconut, Salted Cashew ice cream

    Beer Ice Cream Trio (v) — 23

    2021 Vintage Stout - Whiskey Barrel Aged — 45
    11.0% ABV / 650ml Bottle

Kids Menu

  • Garlic bread (v) — 11

    Tomato pasta (v) — 13

    Fries w tomato sauce (v) — 11

  • Chicken bites w fries  — 13

    Battered Fish & chips w tomato sauce — 13

    Ice cream sundae w chocolate sauce & berries (v) — 12


 Head Chef: Freddie Ponder


Walk-ins are always welcome, but we encourage bookings on the weekend for lunch and dinner.